Neighborhood Cinema Group

acworth 12 screen development

year:            2007-2008
budget:       $4,000,000.00
area:            42,000 s.f.
location:     acworth, georgia
roles:            schematic & design development; construction drawings; construction administration

In an effort to penetrate smaller markets, NCG Cinema sought solutions to provide the high-quality experiences without building grandiose  buildings and incurring the construction costs that go with them.  NCG Acworth stands as a prototype to this vision.  Considering current movie theater practices and advances in digital projection, several major changes could be made without sacrificing quality.  A fire rated projection mezzanine is not required when using digital projection, and allows the projectors to be visible to patrons.  While the basic floor plan follows current theater practices, the auditoriums are turned 90° and run parallel to the promenade.  Auditoriums are likewise organized by width and height required by the projectors and grouped to simplify rooflines and transitions needed.  Risers are built directly on the finish floor elevation with wheelchair spaces grouped for direct egress,  which simplifies the floor slab construction.  Auditoriums share projections booths built over the top of the risers and compressed the schedule.

The building form and elevations were dramatically simplified compared to competing cinemas.  The auditorium walls are banded with multicolored and multitextured blocks that mimic the lobby glazing pattern in a larger scale.  In addition to the auditoriums, lobby efficiency has also been maximized.  All transactions, including ticket sales and concessions are combined into a single area to eliminate an extra set of lines and waiting.  Popcorn and soda refills are handled at a separate, dedicated area close to the stock room.  In this arrangement, the owner has found a significant increase in  customer capacity.  The exposed projectors are also situated above the ticket counter and suspended from the roof directly opposite.  The light reflecting from the projectors comes across the ceiling and adds to the perceived activity level in the lobby.


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